Bridal Shower Cakes

Unique Bridal Shower Cakes

If you are anything like me, it seems like you are always the one who is planning the bridal showers and responsible for the wedding shower cakes.

Not that I mind; of course. It?s wonderful to have that many friends who want you to help them with their special occasions.

After that many events it can become a bit difficult to continue coming up with unique and original baby shower cake designs and an interesting birthday cake design.

At least that?s what I thought until recently. You?ve heard of writer?s block, right?

Well, I had a good old fashioned case of cake design block. One of my friends was getting married and a neighbor that I?ve known for years was expecting her second child.

bridal shower cake picture All within weeks of one another. On top of all that, another friend was hitting a milestone birthday and I had promised to bake a cake for the party and have the birthday cakes delivered the afternoon of the party.

Between the birthday cake delivery, designer wedding cakes and the baby cake I couldn?t think of a design I had not already used! I wanted each cake to be unique and not like anything the guests had ever seen.

I?m sure you know what I mean. For an event this special; just any cake design simply won?t do. Fortunately, I found a solution. If you?re ever in a crunch and need to come up with ideas for unusual wedding cakes or any other kind of cake, you simply must try this.Did you know how many cake pictures are on the internet? I must say I really didn?t until I started browsing.

You can find everything from square cakes to Las Vegas wedding cakes and even square wedding cake pictures. Even if all you?re looking for are homemade cake recipes you can find plenty of yummy looking pictures to go along with them.

Publish your cake picture or tip here.

After just a few minutes I found plenty of designs for all the cakes I needed to create including the bridal shower cakes. The only problem that I had then was trying to choose between all those beautiful and delicious looking cakes. What to do?Well, if you are ever in that situation there is only one piece of advice I can recommend. Do what I did. Create your favorite bridal shower cakes and have your friends over for a taste testing!

Editor’s Note about Bridal Shower:

The bridal shower is one of the most important occasions that take place just a few days before the wedding ceremony. It is a chance for the relatives and friends of the bride to give gifts to her before she gets married. Apart from being an occasion to spend together, the practice also has a lot of practical applications. Every newly married couple would need many things to start a new home. Buying things for the new home can be an extremely expensive affair. The gifts given to the bride can be very useful in this respect.

Some people also send out a list of gifts that they would like to have given on this occasion. This would ensure that most of the gifts are useful to the couple. Some people even go to the extent of putting up a website and updating the list as and when the gifts arrive in advance, so that other people would not buy the same gift. On the whole, the bridal shower party is a joyous occasion, and you can tell by the bridal shower pictures that you find on this site.

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