Fun Train Birthday Cake Design

by Sandra Milford

Train Cake Picture

Train Cake Picture

Train Cake

1. Where the idea came from?

All kids are thrilled when they are having a birthday party and one thing they remember about their birthday is fantastic cake. That’s why it is very important to create some lovely cake design.

If you are supposed to make your child a birthday cake, all you have to do is to spend just a few minutes thinking about what your birthday child enjoys. Does your kid enjoy music, book, game, sport, or something else? Very often, since I like making all kinds of cakes, I have a chance to show my creativity when baking cakes for someone. I really enjoy making interesting cakes, cakes that are in different shapes and different designs. I usually get ideas according to the celebrant’s interests. First, I try to find out what the celebrant likes, what are his interests. For example, my little nephew Mike who turned 5 last week adores trains and has plenty of train toys. Every time when I ask him what he would like to get as present he tells me that he would like a train toy.

His room is full of them. He can spend all day long playing with them. That gave me an idea to make him a train cake for his birthday thus making his birthday party more interesting and exciting.

2. What was the occasion?

I made the train cake for my nephew’s 5th birthday party. He wanted to have a party where he could play with his train toys with other kids. He wanted lot of balloons on which we drew trains.

According to his wishes, I decided to make train cake and fulfill his expectations. All kids were astonished with his birthday party and when they saw the train cake, they were speechless. My nephew loved the cake very much and when the time came to cut the cake, he didn’t want to do it.

After my promise that I would make him another train cake, he accepted to cut it. It took me a lot of time to decorate this train cake because you have to be very concentrate and patient while doing that.

3. Decorating tips

As it was very complicated to make the train out of the layer, I decided to use Wilton’s 3D train pan, which you can buy in specialized stores or you can order it on the Internet.

After baking the layer and making the frosting, I started to decorate the cake. Before decorating, I divided the frosting in four parts and colored each part in different color: blue, white, black, and light brown using food coloring in order to make colorful train cake.

Using pastry bag and different tips, I decorated the train as seen on the picture. For the face of the train, I used fondant, which I colored in blue, eyes and mouth I also made out of fondant, which I colored in black with food color. On top of the train, I made smoke out of white frosting.
Although I spent a lot of time making this cake I really enjoy it.

The kids loved it and what is most important to me is the fact that my nephew Mike liked it very much. Beside the lovely look of the cake it was also very delicious and kids ate the whole cake. If you like it try to make it. I am sure that you will enjoy.


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