Diaper Cake Idea – Unique Diaper Cake Designs

Baby Diaper Cake Idea – Unique Designs

I recall how much we enjoyed on the baby shower party hosted by Nancy for our friend Kelly.

Baby shower diaper cake Baby shower diaper cake

She was pregnant and was soon going to have a baby wonder. So we girls decided on a diaper cake as a gift for her.

The question was how many diapers we would order for.

Lucy said that the amount of diapers would depend on how many tiers the cake would have.

Apart from disposable diapers, we had the following ingredients ready for the diaper cake :

* Yarn
* Baby items like bib, rattle, little socks, pacifiers etc.
* Ribbons
* An empty paper towel roll or tube.
* A soft toy or baby bottle to be placed on top of the cake
* Baby gift wrapping paper.

We secured and rolled diapers making complete circles of the diapers, one on top of the other, next to the paper towel tube.

For securing the tiers, we used ribbon or yarn. We took care to see that the second tier was smaller than the first one. The third tier obviously was the smallest one.

Around each completed tier, we wrapped a length of wider ribbon to keep the layers intact and also hide any yarn which would show.

We inserted baby pink and sky blue colored ribbons into the wide ribbon. We decorated the cake with little cute baby stuff like bibs, little booties, colorful socks, teething ring, rattle and other such things.

You can use your own diaper cake idea and decorate the cake with baby stuff which you like. Our diaper cake was incomplete with the ?topping?.

So we kept a little cute pink teddy on the top of the cake. You can use either a teddy or some cute soft toy or something which you think would look attractive.

While latching onto the diaper cake idea, just remember the basics: secure the paper towel roll or tube against the middle of the cake with the base first and then go up the tiers.

We had a roaring time at the party and we owe it to the hit team of our friends for making and executing such a brilliant diaper cake idea!

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