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You love cakes! I love cakes! That is how we met here!

Would you like some help when choosing one among innumerable cake pictures and designs? One that is just right for you, that reflects your unique personality and style?

Want to save money and time while having an elegant and different bridal, birthday or any other occasion cake?

Cakes today are more elaborate than they have ever been and you need to follow if you would like people to talk about your cake for the years to come!

Do you need a small cake or a multi-tiered, big one? Would you like modern or traditional – vintage, a square, round, hexagonal, cupcake wedding cake, mini – miniature, chocolate or water fountain? How about cake in the shape of a flower pot or a heart?

wedding cake pictures     wedding-cake-pictures     wedding-cake-pictures     wedding cake pictures

Pictures by Very Different Cakes

I hope you will enjoy this site as much as I did putting it together.

Follow me on this sweet journey . . . you will feel relaxed and you will enjoy tremendously this exciting path. Choosing cake pictures, ideas and designs will become a breeze as you go hand in hand with me. Let’s go!

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