Baby First Birthday Cake Ideas, Pictures, Recipes, Designs and Decorating

Baby First Birthday Cake Ideas – See Some Beautiful Designs and Pictures!

Parents look for a twin objective while make the “baby first birthday cake”.

picture 1st birthday cake

First they make a nice little birthday cake for the baby to get its first take at something really smacking and delicious, and the second cake is prepared for the kids who come to celebrate the first birthday of the baby.

The picture perfect couple we know Tom and Tracy, had a little angel of a baby in their kid Daniel.

So when little Daniel was about to turn one, they were looking for the baby first birthday cake ideas.

Finally they prepared a carrot cake for him as the baby first birthday cake.

Tracy had reservations about adding sugar in the cake because a baby?s birthday cake recipe asks for a cup of sugar.

The fact is that the baby normally would not be actually eating a cup of sugar!

She was about to look for some more baby first birthday cake ideas…

Then I said:

“They are just granulated sugar and a little bit of sweet on the first birthday won?t do any harm. C?mon give the poor boy a break for sweetness sake!”

She finally agreed 🙂

Here?s how Tracy prepared the carrot cake. She preheated the oven to 350 F.

We lined three eight inch square cake pans with waxed paper. She combined the carrots and added one and a half table spoon of apple juice concentrate in a medium sized saucepan. She boiled the carrots till they turned tender and soft. After lowering the heat and simmering for 15 odd minutes, she crushed them in a blender till the mixture turned smooth.

I asked her to add raisins and continue with the blending. We combined the flour, cinnamon and baking powder in a large bowl. Then we added some more of the apple juice concentrate, poured in oil, egg whites and vanilla.

We beat the mixture and put in the carrot smash and apple sauce. Then we poured the batter into the prepared cake pans.

We baked for about 40 minutes. To check the consistency after baking, we inserted a knife in the center of the cake. Then after cooling briefly in the pans, we turned it out onto the wire racks to cool totally. We used light frost (vanilla cream) on the cake.

The baby first birthday cake turned out to be a big hit with the baby licking its lips and gets its finger scooped and all gooey with the cake as the children around sang ?happy birthday? to the lovely Daniel.

Step by step instructions how to make this cake

More First Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas

You can tell us all about your cake: Where the idea came from, who you made the cake for? What was the response?

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