Chocolate Wedding Cakes

Chocolate Wedding Cakes Secret

When it comes to chocolate, I have a guilty little secret. I?ll share it with you if you promise not to tell anyone else. I absolute love it!

Really that?s not a big secret because most people like chocolate. I have to admit, though; that anytime anyone asks for my advice about wedding cakes; I always suggest chocolate wedding cakes.

Of course, chocolate bridal cakes are not very traditional since for many years they were really used for the groom?s cake.

It?s my opinion; though that if you want to have a chocolate cake at your wedding you should feel free to do so.

Some people think a chocolate wedding cake can?t be as pretty as a traditional cake, but I have a different opinion.

chocolate wedding cake picture Take a moment to look at a chocolate bridal cake picture and you will see what I?m talking about. With a chocolate cake design, you can be very creative.

Of course; if you do want something traditional; a white chocolate wedding cake design would be the perfect compromise. They are quite classy.

Think about a designer wedding cake with gourmet chocolate; how delicious! If these kinds of ideas interest you; don?t forget to browse through the Gallery of our wedding cakes.

You?ve seen fountain wedding cakes with champagne flowing from the cake, right? Stop and think about a fountain cake with chocolate in place of the champagne.

Now, add some delicious fruit arranged around the fountain and you have a tasteful decoration that is equally ?tasty.? Instead of a tiered design, what about a stacked design using square cakes?

This would be a really lovely idea with a flower on top of the cake instead of a cake topper.

The added benefit is that you wouldn?t have to think about wedding cake stands. Of course; there are still plenty of other wedding cake supplies you?ll need!

You can be really creative with chocolate wedding cakes; which is one of the best things about them; besides how they taste!

They give you a lot of flexibility in cake decorating for weddings. Think about how lovely a sea shell cake would be at a beach themed wedding or a leaf chocolate wedding cake design in the fall.

The Chocolate Cake is one of the favorite cakes of many people. It is also a favorite flavor for the wedding cake. There are numerous weddings which have a chocolate cake for the reception. Having a chocolate wedding cake is a safe bet since most people love the chocolate cake.

There would be very few people who would not want to taste a chocolate cake. It is therefore one of the most preferred flavors for a wedding cake. You will find numerous pictures of chocolate wedding cakes on this site. You can choose one of the designs found on this site for your own wedding cake. Or else, you can choose a few of your favorite pictures on this site and design your own cake by mixing and matching the different chocolate cake designs.

I would love to share my favorite chocolate wedding cakes recipes with you.

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