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“Unique Baby Shower Cake ideas helped me have
an unforgettable Shower Party for my best friend.”

I have absolute love for baby showers. It is the best way of showing affection and love for the mom to be, dedicating a party to her name as we welcome the arrival of the baby.

What better than having a baby shower cake idea to match the setting for the baby shower! The baby shower is really an incredible learning lesson. At Kelly?s baby shower party, we played a fantastic game called distraction. While playing the game, we even made the diaper cake as the baby shower cake idea.

Kelly was in the eighth month of pregnancy. We had two or three dolls ready as a part of the game while the baby shower hostess said that the babies (dolls) were crying.

We put in distractions like the “dog” messing around and the UPS man at the door to sign a package. So many people were engrossed in the game, that it was an apt time to impress Kelly with the baby shower cake decorations ideas.

Some of the girls including me were in the other room saying that we were preparing something special for the mom to be and it was, of course the diaper cake.

baby shower cake pictures

We made a three tiered cake with the help of 50 disposable diapers. We secured the tiers with the help of the yarn.

Gabrielle, W, Canada

PS. You would need to use your own appropriate baby shower cake wordings – sayings.

Something like: “Baby (name) is almost here!”

Bonne Chance 🙂

We protected the paper towel roll or tube against the middle of the cake with the base first and then went up the tiers.

The top most of the tiers was the smallest one. We put in baby pink and sky blue colored ribbons into the wide yarn.

The baby shower cake would be incomplete without the baby stuff like bibs and little booties and the topping which included a pink teddy bear.

We photographed our diaper cake through a digital camera. The picture looked great and the pleasantly plump Kelly smiled in appreciation for our baby shower cake idea.

To this day when we look at the album of our baby showers, we laugh a lot reminiscing the fun filled mirthful day of the baby shower.

Please share with us more about the baby shower, diaper or any baby cake idea, where the inspiration came from, recipe, decorating tips and all that in your opinion may help the others make a great cake!

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